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Information for foreign drivers in Taiwan

I、 Basic rules:
A、Foreigners wanting to drive in the Republic of China (ROC) should first meet the driver's qualifications stipulated in the ROC driving regulations. And the issuance of driving licenses to foreigners is based on the "principles of equality and reciprocity" between the ROC and the counterpart nations.

B、Foreigners holding valid driver's licenses issued by a counterpart nation that upholds the "principles of equality and reciprocity" may lawfully drive vehicles in the first thirty days coming to Taiwan. There is no need to apply for another driving license. For those planning to drive for more than 30 days should first apply for motor vehicle extension at respective city and county governments. The maximum extension time is one year.

C、Foreigners who want to engage in long-term driving in the ROC should replace their original driver's license with an ROC license or take the rules test and road test here in order to get licenses issued by the ROC government. Whether a foreigner can directly replace the license issued in his/her nation will depend on whether or not the foreign nation has agreed on the "principles of equality and reciprocity." Details and a list of foreign nations qualified for the "principles" category are available at the following Web pages:

(1)、(Chinese version) of the Directorate General of Highways (DGH), which was previously named the Taiwan Highway Bureau (THB).
http://www.thb.gov.tw/english/left-licences.htm (English version)

II、Notes on testing/receiving/replacing car and motorbike driving licenses:

A、 Rules for replacing foreign driver's licenses with ROC driving licenses
B、 Rules for applying for a car-driving learner's permit
C、 Rules for taking tests for car-driving licenses
D、 Rules for taking tests for motorbike-driving licenses
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